Knuckle Puck - The Weight That You Buried BTR-008


Fifth press will be up for preorder on Tuesday, May 12, at 2pm EST. If you like this EP, you'll love Sudden Suspension too -- their new EP goes up for pre-order at the same time! These records will begin shipping before or around May 25.

BTR-008 is Knuckle Puck's The Weight That You Buried. We pressed the extended version of the EP – the four original songs plus two bonus acoustic versions – on one-sided 12 vinyl. The B-side of the release boasts a screen print of the band's "Brave" logo; you can check out the pressing info below.

The purchase of a 12" comes with a digital download of The Weight That You Buried in 320kbps MP3 format.

Click the album art to see more photos of these variants and the screen-print B-side.

Pressing Information

Fifth Press
100 - Oreo Cookie (Black/White/Black Striped)
400 - Skittles (Red with Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow Splatter)
500 - Red (Hot Topic Exclusive!)

Fourth Press
300 - Orange with Teal Splatter
700 - Orange / Teal A-side / B-side

Third Press
200 - Pink w/Purple & Black Splatter [BTR webstore exclusive]
500 - Pink [BTR webstore / band on tour]
200 - Blue [Banquet Records]
600 - Blue w/White & Black Splatter [Hot Topic exclusive]

Second Press
250 - Slate/Green/Yellow Tri-Color
250 - Slate with Green Splatter

First Press
100 - Ultra Clear / screen printed b-side
400 - Clear with pink splatter / screen printed b-side