Bad Timing Records - Knuckle Puck - While I Stay Secluded

Knuckle Puck While I Stay Secluded


Third press is up now. Pressing info below. Everything is copacetic.

Chicago's Knuckle Puck has come an incredibly long way over the past year, and we're delighted to have been a small part of bringing their music to the world. Out now, While I Stay Secluded is Knuckle Puck's third EP to date: It follows their debut, Don't Come Home; their breakout release, The Weight That You Buried; and a split with UK pop-punk act Neck Deep.

Pressing Information

Third Press:
1,000 - Yellow Highlighter

Second Press:
200 - America (Red / White / Blue Stripes)
300 - Creamsicle (Orange / White Color In Color)
500 - White

First Press:
250 - Transparent Blue A-side / Transparent Red B-side w/ White Splatter
500 - Opaque Purple inside Transparent Aqua Color-In-Color
1,000 - Orange with Black Swatches
500 - Purple with Blue Splatter [available from the band on tour]
500 - Orange [available from Hot Topic]