Bad Timing Records - Mansions - Dig Up The Dead (Acoustic)

Mansion Dig Up the Dead (acoustic)


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We feel comfortable expressing the opinion that Mansions' Dig Up The Dead is one of the greatest emo records of the last decade. In his 2011 review,'s Drew Beringer called it "a refreshingly bold album in a scene that's grown stagnant," describing it as "beautifully desolate" and comparing frontman Christopher Browder to great songwriters like Jesse Lacey and Kevin Devine.

Well, we agree with all that. This release is the first-ever vinyl pressing of Dig Up The Dead's acoustic rendition. It was first released in 2012, just over a year after Dig Up The Dead originally came out. It's an elegant take on an album that, in its original state, is intricately fuzzy and endlessly relatable. This acoustic version lets the lyrics do more of the work, and peeling away the distortion proves to be a worthwhile endeavor.

We worked with Chris to get this acoustic album remastered for vinyl, and all purchases will come with an immediate digital download of the remastered MP3s! You can stream it below, if you want.

Pressing Information

Second Pressing:
500 - Transparent Purple

First Pressing:
150 - Cotton Candy Splatter (Half Baby Blue / Half Pink with White Splatter)
350 - Cotton Candy Tri-Color (Baby Blue, Pink, White Tri-Color Wheel)