Knuckle Puck - Don't Come Home BTR-016


Maybe you discovered Knuckle Puck when they put out The Weight That You Buried in 2013, or their split with Neck Deep in February of 2014. Maybe you heard about them pretty recently, when we released their most massive EP yet, While I Stay Secluded, in October 2014. No matter when you hopped on the KP bandwagon, though, it's essential for fans to know about Don't Come Home.

Knuckle Puck's first-ever release, Don't Come Home is the sound of a band learning about itself – you can hear hints of later releases, but it's more raw and less refined. It's fun to listen to not only because the songs on this EP are great, but because you can really see the step-by-step growth of this band.

Here's the thing, though – we know some of y'all have been paying attention since day 1 and you have this EP already. So we took it upon ourselves to surprise you guys with a brand-new song that was never released, but should have been the opening track on Don't Come Home the whole time. That song is called "Townsend."

This is a five-song EP on a 7" record housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket (hence why it costs 50 cents more than our other 7" releases). It will begin shipping around January 26, so this is a very short pre-order. All orders come with an immediate digital download of the five-song EP in high-quality MP3s emailed right to your inbox.

Also on this page, we have discounted prices for The Weight That You Buried and the "Oak Street" flexi 7", in case you still need to pick those up! Find out more about those releases at those links.

Pressing Information

250 - Yellow with Red, White and Black Splatter
500 - Yellow with Black Splatter
750 - Solid Yellow (also available from KP on tour and internationally via Banquet!)

1. Townsend
2. Give Up
3. Dead Wrong
4. Stuck
5. Woodwork