Pentimento - Stuck Forever 7" BTR-027


Pick this 7" up digitally over here.

We honestly could not be more excited to announce Stuck Forever, the first new Pentimento release since 2013. This is a two-song 7" single ... the A-side features "Stuck Forever," a single from Pentimento's forthcoming LP due out this fall, and the B-side features "All The While," a B-side from the LP recording sessions that is exclusive to this 7".

This is due out digitally on July 10. ALL orders will have digital downloads delivered to your inbox before that date. The vinyl release date for this is August 21. This is due to worsening delays at our vinyl plant that we have no control over -- but frankly, we didn't want to wait any longer to get some new Pentimento music into the world. Just please understand the different release dates for digital versus vinyl.

Also available on this page, we have a three-pack where you can save a few bucks, and we have distro copies of Pentimento's most recent EP and LP as well. There's also an option for a 46" x 46" square flag featuring the album art, you can see a proof of it in the photos. Flags come with a digital download of the 7". Pressing info is below.

Pressing Information

200 - Light Blue w/ White & Silver Splatter
300 - Light Blue w/ Navy Blue Splatter
500 - Light Blue

Distro products do not come with digital downloads.