Bad Timing Records - Head North / Microwave - Split - #HNxMW

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Head North is a band on Bad Timing Records and Microwave is a band on SideOneDummy Records and they are releasing a split together!!!!!!!!! Preorder here.

So we were like ... well damn, how is this gonna work? Then we were like ... let's just release it together!

Head North and Microwave each recorded three songs for this split and it'll be coming out on October 9 via Bad Timing Records AND SideOneDummy Records. You can pre-order it over here (we kept all the pre-orders at one link to make life easier for you guys). We obviously love Head North, and Microwave is one of our very favorite bands; so we're extremely excited to bring this to you all!

Pressing Information

250 - Black Vinyl (retail)
250 - Half n' Half w/ Splatter Grimace Purple & Deep Purple
250 - Heavy Splatter on Transparent Deep Purple w/ White Splatter
250 - Color In Color Opaque and Clear