Big As Heck Fall Sale Bad Timing Records Products


This is a fall sale -- and a good opportunity to update you guys a bit on what's going on with Bad Timing Records right now. We've always taken pride in being super transparent, in everything from advising about vinyl delays to Zack and I making our personal email addresses available to any BTR customers / fans with questions about anything regarding the label.

We've slowed down quite a bit in 2016 compared to 2015. We put out somewhere in the ballpark of 20 releases in 2015, so this isn't totally unexpected. We just can't release 20 records a year, even if we wanted. This year has been focused on continuing our relationships with Kevin Devine, Knuckle Puck, Pentimento and our other active bands, along with putting out All Get Out's sophomore full-length album, Nobody Likes A Quitter, which is available for pre-order right now. We also just announced a cool new release in the form of a 7" from a new band called Speak The Truth...Even If Your Voice Shakes.

Slowing down a bit is a good and bad thing for a small label like ours. It means we can focus more time on a big release like All Get Out's new album, which is important to us, especially as Zack and I have more and more of our time consumed by our primary "day jobs" and other parts of our lives. But it also means, frankly, that we're moving less music out of our warehouse and into your apartments. This has resulted in us having an overstock of some releases from last year, which resulted in this sale.

As we wrap up the year and begin to look toward 2017, we would like to cut down on our physical warehouse space a bit, making Bad Timing slightly more nimble in regards to maintaining our inventory, picking up new releases when we can, things of that nature. So we've gathered together a decently large list of CDs, 7"s, 12"s and more that we're putting up for sale on this page.

You can check out the full list of what's available below, but it includes stuff from Pentimento, Head North, Park, ROMP and more. All CDs are $2, all 7"s are $3, and all 12"s are $5 (!!). We hope there's something on here that you've been procrastinating picking up so you can take advantage of the price cuts.

Pressing Information

Titles available in this sale are below. CDs (and the one cassette) are $2, 7"s are $3, 12"s are $5.

Pentimento - I, No Longer - CD
Pentimento - Stuck Forever - Light Blue w/Navy Splatter 7" (/300)
Pentimento - Stuck Forever - Light Blue 7" (/500)
Pentimento - Stuck Forever - Flag ($8)

Pentimento - Inside The Sea - Distro 10"
Pentimento - Pentimento - Distro 10"

Head North - Bloodlines - CD
Head North - Bloodlines - Clear w/ Red Haze 12" (/300)
Head North - Bloodlines - Clear 12"(/500)
Head North - Bloodlines - Navy Blue / White A-side / B-side 12" (/200)

Park - Jacob The Rabbit - Red 10" (/400)
Park - Jacob The Rabbit - Clear 10" (/400)
Park - Jacob The Rabbit - Slate 10" (/100)

Future Crooks - Future Crooks In Paradise - Black with Fire Splatter 12"(/300)
Future Crooks - Future Crooks In Paradise - Coke Bottle Clear 12" (/200)

Sudden Suspension - There's A Bigger Picture Here - CD
Sudden Suspension - There's A Bigger Picture Here - Half Green / Half Silver w/ White Splatter 12" (/150)
Sudden Suspension - There's A Bigger Picture Here - Pink w/ Blue Splatter 12" (/350)

ROMP - Departure From Venus - Cassette
ROMP - Departure From Venus - Cloudy Clear w/Red & Purple Splatter (/200)
ROMP - Departure From Venus - Cloudy Clear (/300)