Bad Timing Records - Devinyl Splits No. 11: Cavetown x Kevin Devine

Cavetown x Kevin Devine Devinyl Splits No. 11


Devinyl Splits No. 11 is the fifth split in Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2. It features Cavetown on Side A and Kevin Devine on Side B. The split will be released on Feb. 1, 2019, with digital downloads being delivered to your inbox before the release date (all 7" purchases come with digital downloads). The 7"s will ship in advance of the release date. On this page you can purchase Devinyl Splits No. 11 on red 7" vinyl or via digital download. There is an additional colorway of this split, which is half red / half clear, and this variant is made available only to those who purchased the Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2 Express Line Subscription. You can also buy all five splits so far on 7" in a bundle that saves you $5.

Cavetown reworks his song "Devil Town" for the first half of the split. Originally released in 2015, the track has become a fan favorite, and this reimagined recording has the song sounding better than ever. Cavetown put the finishing touches on a busy 2018 by releasing a split called Animal Kingdom: Comet with Chloe Moriondo. The big year started back in January with the release of his most recent full-length, Lemon Boy. Listen to the track here:

Kevin follows with a new original track, "Only Yourself." This is the fourth new original song that he has released as part of Devinyl Splits Vol. 2. It follows "Kuala Lumpur" from Devinyl Splits No. 7, "Outstretched & Never-Ending" from Devinyl Splits: Unplanned Service Changes, and "I Wrote It Down For You" from Devinyl Splits No. 10.

This split is also available on Bandcamp and in Europe via Big Scary Monsters. And hey! If you like Cavetown, you might enjoy our release of spookyghostboy's Twenty Something here.

Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2 is a year-long split series featuring Kevin Devine and a variety of partners. One split is released every other month. Catch up on all of the entries in Devinyl Splits, Vol. 2:

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Pressing Information

750 - Red
250 - Half Red / Half Clear [Subscriber exclusive]