Bad Timing Records - Kevin Devine - Between the Concrete & Clouds

Kevin Devine Between the Concrete & Clouds


AVAILABLE NOW: This release will be one of the titles that is restocked as part of our 2020 Vault Release. The 2020 Vault Release will go on sale at 2pm EST on Tuesday, May 5th. Please note that the units we are releasing in this process have been moved back and forth across different warehouses, distributors and BTR headquarters. Some may have visible signs of damage, such as small splits in jackets -- but we have visually checked each unit to get rid of the ones we view as unacceptable. We will not be able to issue refunds or accept returns on sales from these units except in extreme circumstances, so please consider this before purchasing.

For this record, the units returning to stock will be the Clouds variant.

What more can we say about Kevin Devine that we haven't written in one of the descriptions of the nearly 20 releases we've worked with him on so far?

He's one of the best singer-songwriters around, and we're proud today to bring his sixth studio LP, 2011's Between the Concrete & Clouds, back into print. Originally released via Razor & Tie and Favorite Gentlemen nearly eight years ago, the album has stood the test of time and features many tracks that still make it into live shows today whether Kevin is playing solo or with the Goddamn Band.

If you haven't listened to the album recently, you can refresh yourself on it via Apple Music and Spotify.

On this page you can order the new pressing of Between the Concrete & Clouds on two very special vinyl variants. The first is Concrete (gray with black marble), limited to 150 copies. The second is Clouds (clear blue with white smoke), limited to 350 copies. Please note that the effects of marbling and smoking on vinyl are fairly varied, so some units of these variants may have a more pronounced concrete or cloud appearance than others.

All orders come with a download card in the LP, but we'll also email you a link to a download of the album immediately upon ordering.

Pressing Information

150 - Concrete (Gray with Black Marble)
350 - Clouds (Clear Blue with White Smoke)


1. Off-Screen
2. The First Hit
3. Sleepwalking Through My Life
4. Awake in the Dirt
5. Between the Concrete & Clouds
6. 11-17
7. Wait Out the Wreck
8. A Story, A Sneak
9. The City Has Left You Alone
10. I Used to Be Someone