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Knuckle Puck / Neck Deep - Split

February 25, 2014 · BTR-004

A partnership with Hopeless Records for the release of a Tour Split between the UK's Neck Deep and Chicago's Knuckle Puck. The four song split features two of Neck Deep's best songs from the release of Wishful Thinking while Knuckle Puck's offering serves up two brand new tracks.

First Pressing:
Purple w/ Light Blue Splatter / 250 - Neck Deep tour exclusive
Opaque Purple w/ White Haze / 250 - Knuckle Puck tour exclusive
Opaque Purple w/ Light Blue Haze / 250. - Bad Timing Records webstore
Opaque Purple w/ White Splatter /250 - Banquet Records webstore

Second Pressing -- Knuckle Puck songs only:
500 - Half Purple / Half Clear
700 - Clear