Bad Timing Records - Discography

Mansions - New Best Friends / The Biggest Lie & Tangerine

March 4, 2014 · BTR-005 & BTR-006

The Mike Sapone-produced New Best Friends with all-new alternative artwork designed by Mansions bassist Robin Dove, featuring frontman Chris Browder's handwriting. In addition, a never-before-pressed 7” (The Biggest Lie b/w Tangerine). These two tracks were on a four-song promo EP that originally came out before NBF, but was never put to vinyl. Licensed from Doghouse Records.

New Best Friends LP First Press:
313 – Dirty Snow (White w/ Black Color-in-Color)
208 – Black w/White Haze

New Best Friends LP Second Press:
500 - Cloudy Clear

The Biggest Lie b/w Tangerine 7" First Pressing:
250 – Black