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The third pressing of Phantoms is sold out for now. Just FYI, we anticipate having about 20-30 of this stock returning to the web-store on Dec. 11 -- leftovers that we reserve in case anything goes wrong with shipping records out, canceled orders, stuff like that. We will send you an email when the leftovers go on sale if you want ... sign up for that type of email by clicking the grey button at the bottom of the page.

UK/EU customers, Banquet Records has Acceptance here and Valencia here if you want to save on shipping. The links will turn on at 2pm EST along with our pages going on sale.

Over seven years ago, in July 2013, Zack and I started Bad Timing Records by pressing Acceptance’s Phantoms to vinyl for the first time. I remember everything about working on that release — all the careful planning, working with the band to promote it, wanting to make sure we’d be able to ship the records as soon as we put them on sale. It was exciting and definitely scary, doing that first release. Phantoms wound up moving through its 1,000-unit first pressing in about four hours, then we saw another 1,000 units go pretty quickly in a second press a while later. Now, sixty some-odd releases later since BTR-001, we’re excited to revisit this awesome record we hold so closely to our hearts with a special 15th-anniversary third pressing.

We get questions about making more of Phantoms all the time, and we’re pleased to be presenting what we think is our best pressing of the album yet alongside the band and Columbia/Sony. For the 15th anniversary of the original album release, we’ve updated the packaging to a gatefold jacket that features all the lyrics and liner notes that were previously included on an insert. We’ve also got two new vinyl variants (pressing info listed below) that recall the original variants, but in our opinion … raise the bar a little bit.

Whether you originally purchased that first pressing from us in 2013 or are checking this out for the first time, we invite you to revisit or discover this record via Apple Music or Spotify. Copies of the third pressing of Phantoms will ship within 2 weeks or so of the on-sale date. These vinyl purchases do not include a digital download of the album.

You can also purchase a bundle with the second pressing of Valencia’s We All Need A Reason To Believe, or bundle with the second pressings of both that Valencia album and Cassino’s Sounds of Salvation if you want to save some cash.

Pressing Information

Third Pressing:
750 — Clear & Dark Blue Pinwheel
250 — Dark Blue, White & Black Quad

Second Press:
500 - White with Blue Splatter [via this webstore]
500 - White [Hot Topic exclusive]

First Press:
200 - Half Clear / Half Royal Blue
300 - Dark Blue w/ White & Grey Marble
500 - Royal Blue