Bad Timing Records - Bad Timing Records Enamel Pins

Bad Timing Enamel Pin


These are 1-inch round Bad Timing Records enamel pins. They feature our now-iconic label logo. As your favorite record label, and as your legal attorney, we strongly advise you to purchase a pin as soon as possible and add it to your backpack or sweet, sweet denim and/or (and?? imagine) leather jacket. You may alternatively add it to another item or simply leave it on a shelf or any other surface, or throw it in the trash upon receipt.

We are legally required to note, as your favorite record label and as your attorney, that buying this pin may make you so Cool and Popular that your less Cool and Popular friends will become Jealous of you and potentially become Intimidated by you. Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for this pin. Side effects of purchasing this pin may include a heightened sense of being able to use memes in IRL conversation and actually be funny, or in rare cases, it may cause temporary blindness amongst your friends and family when they first come into eye contact with the pin. If you suffer any decrease or loss in hearing or vision, please seek medical help immediately as this pin should not cause those things.

Pressing Information

We made 100 pins and we're only putting like 50 of them for sale. The rest are for some friends.