Bad Timing Records - Ace Enders, Dan Campbell -- Clear Eyes Fanzine: Season One, Episodes 1-6

Ace Enders, Dan Campbell Clear Eyes Fanzine: Season One, Episodes 1-6


Our dear friends Ace Enders and Dan Campbell originally released Clear Eyes Fanzine in late 2018 on Bandcamp and streaming services. The six-track release is an homage specifically to the first six episodes of the first season of the television program Friday Night Lights.

We're happy to partner with them to bring this special project to vinyl for the first time. We've also expanded the tracklist to include a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Devil Town," probably the most iconic needle drop from the show's legendary soundtrack.

On this page you can pick up the release on gold 12" vinyl. The seven songs are pressed on side A, with a B-side screen print of ... you get one guess. Check it out in the photos.

There are also options for three shirts -- a Clear Eyes Fanzine long-sleeve, and two versions of a T-shirt jersey for either Ace or Dan. A purchase of any item here comes with a digital download of the seven-track release. Vinyl is shipping immediately if purchased on its own, but orders containing a shirt will ship in early-mid August.

Pressing Information

1500 -- Gold 12" w/ B-side screenprint

Long-sleeve shirt -- Printed on Comfort Colors 6014
Enders T-shirt -- Printed on Comfort Colors 1717
Campbell T-shirt -- Printed on Hanes 5180

Track Listing:
1. On Tim Riggins as He Prepares for His Sophomore Year
2. QB1
3. Coming Up For Air
4. Good Get Coach
5. The Fields
6. Grace Period Over
7. Devil Town